624 South Boston Building
Mark Krukiel Architect 624 South Boston Building
Mark Krukiel Architect 624 South Boston Building
Mark Krukiel Architect 624 South Boston Building


Tulsa, Oklahoma

South Boston Properties


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Mark Krukiel Architect 624 South Boston Building
The renovation of the ten story Oklahoma Natural Gas Building, also known as the 624 South Boston Building, is complete. The renovation was designed and directed by Mark Krukiel for South Boston Properties / Gordon McCune. The building, originally constructed in 1928, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

The Oklahoma Natural Gas Building was originally constructed of reinforced concrete and enclosed with buff tapestry brick and trimmed with Indiana limestone and vitreous tile. The height of its ten stories is enhanced by pilasters which rise unbroken to the top of the building. The windows are inset between the pilasters and spandrels that are covered with decorative tile whose motifs include the stepped-in chevron and geometrical shapes of Art Deco design. The richness of materials and designs in the interior of the building are a significant feature of the Zig-Zag Art Deco style and contrast with the austerity of the later Streamline and Public Works Administration periods of Art Deco.

The renovation, under the direction of Mark Krukiel, conforms to the Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties. All existing windows were removed and replaced and all window profiles, mullions and colors matched the originals. The lobby ceilings were repainted to enhance the original elaborate Zig-Zag Art Deco treatment. The ornate brick and limestone facades were fully repointed and restored per the Department of the Interior standards. The elevators were totally replaced and the new cabs contain edge-lit etched panels that reflect the original art deco motif. All of the interior tenant spaces were gutted and fully retrofitted with state of the art lighting and HVAC.

Today, the Oklahoma Natural Gas Building continues to be a viable part of downtown Tulsa and provides a visible and tangible link to an important period in its past.

Mark Krukiel Architect 624 South Boston Building
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