Colossus County Fair
Mark Krukiel Architect Colossus County Fair
Mark Krukiel Architect Colossus County Fair
Mark Krukiel Architect Colossus County Fair


Los Angeles, California

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation


Environmental Graphics

Mark Krukiel Architect Colossus County Fair

The renovation and addition of Colossus County Fair at Superman the Escape -- the central gaming area of Los Angeles' Six Flags Magic Mountain is complete. The project was designed and developed by Mark Krukiel for Six Flags Entertainment Corporation. The $5.5 million redevelopment is manifested from the clients desire to increase gaming capacity while simultaneously enhancing the "fairground-esque" thematic environment. The "Americana" style of fairground art is consistently represented in the architecture and graphic design of Colossus County Fair. Metal red and white stripes, entwined in both plan and elevation, crown the "star-studded" blue pilasters flanking each of the seventeen gaming pavilions. These elements, in conjunction with the red and white striped truncated pyramid roof at each demised area, evoke an "All-American" ambiance indicative of a local county fair.

Mark Krukiel knows that people are weary of the humdrum reality of the everyday world. They want illusions. They want entertainment. Therefore, at Colossus County Fair, Mark Krukiel created a completely believable pretend world with no outside intrusions -- the oxymoron of totally authentic authenticity. The architecture is willfully eccentric, sentimental, enchanting and challenging. The success of Colossus at Superman the Escape and other significant themed attractions in the environs of Los Angeles, New York City, Los Vegas and Osaka, Japan have earned Mark Krukiel the respect of leaders in the entertainment industry.

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Mark Krukiel Architect Colossus County Fair
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