The Shops at Esplanade
Mark Krukiel Architect Esplanade
Mark Krukiel Architect Esplanade
Mark Krukiel Architect Esplanade


Los Angeles, California

M&H Realty Partners


Environmental Graphics

Mark Krukiel Architect Esplanade
The Shops at Esplanade are now complete. The project was designed and developed by Mark Krukiel for M&H Realty Partners. Esplanade, located on the 44 acre site of a former interior oriented shopping mall, spans the entire distance between the Vineland Avenue and Oxnard Boulevard exits on the 101 Freeway north of Los Angeles. Esplanade is a product of the "de-malling" of America -- the transformation of regional interior malls into more user-friendly ”lifestyle” and "big box" retail outlets.

The architecture of Esplanade utilizes 16 colors of concrete block in varying bold patterns. These patterns are the key to the successful balance of individual store expression with the overall retail development design concept. Each major tenant is “branded” with its own concrete block color and pattern while simultaneously conforming to the overall Esplanade concrete block color and pattern formula. This design formula, in conjunction with state of the art sound and lighting technologies, environmental graphics, paving patterns and sculptural amenities are used at Esplanade to create a total environment that appeals to today’s value-savvy, brand conscious shopper while offering a host of state-of-the-art retail, dining and entertainment options.

Mark Krukiel Architect Esplanade
Mark Krukiel Architect Esplanade
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