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Mark Krukiel Architect Art Matters
Mark Krukiel Architect Art Matters
Mark Krukiel Architect Art Matters


Mark Fuller WET

Gordon Huether

Linda Allen

Mark Krukiel Architect Art Matters
Mark Krukiel collaborates with other design professionals to create environments where the scenery of the entertainment industry and the kitsch paraphernalia of all continents and cultures are mixed together in a bizarre potpourri of attractions. This mass-market, family-friendly recipe for success utilizes art installations, computerized water features, environmental graphics, sound and lighting technologies to create a theatrical sensibility -- a liberating view of the limitless malleability of pictorial space.

At the Sinar Mas Towers in Jakarta, Indonesia Mark Krukiel collaborated with Mark Fuller, the founder and CEO of WET, the creator of the Bellagio fountain. The two travelled together to Jakarta for a Design Development presentation to the billionaire clients.

At the Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21 in Los Angeles, California Mark Krukiel collaborated with Gordon Huether, the world renowned glass artist from Napa California.

At Tulsa Community College Mark Krukiel collaborated with Tulsa Artist Linda Allen in the development of mosaic installations throughout the 80-acre campus.

Mark Krukiel Architect Art Matters
Sinar Mas Plaza
sinar mas plaza
Warner Bros Theatre
warner bros theatre
Colossus County Fair
colossus county fair
krukiel house
Pelican Hill Resort
pelican hill resort
OCT Yantian Resort
oct yantian resort
Shops at Delta Shores
shops at delta shores
PAG Towers
art matters
Gotham City Backlot
gotham city backlot
San Antonio Center
san antonio center
Hermann Park Residences
park residences
Pacific Theatres Northridge
pacific theatres
Elk Grove Promenade
elk grove promenade
Pacific Theatres Winnetka
pacific theatres
Luxor Hotel Expansion
luxor expansion
Lifestyle Centers
lifestyle centers
Quartz Mountain Resort
quartz mountain
Oklahoma Natural Gas Building
ong building
krukiel house
525 B Street Building
525 b street
Tulsa Community College West Campus
tcc campus
Universal Studios Japan
universal studios
Under Construction
under construction