Luxor Hotel Expansion
Mark Krukiel Architect Luxor Hotel Expansion
Mark Krukiel Architect Luxor Hotel Expansion
Mark Krukiel Architect Luxor Hotel Expansion


Las Vegas, Nevada

Circus Circus Enterprises / UDG


Environmental Graphics

Mark Krukiel Architect Luxor Hotel Expansion

The Luxor, a thirty-story reflective glass pyramid incorporating 2,526 rooms is one of the largest hotels in the world. A redevelopment is manifested from the client's desire to sustain market share and to provide momentum to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment. The 1700 new guest rooms, located in a four to five-story "village" organized around courtyards at the existing pyramid's perimeter, were designed and developed by Mark Krukiel in collaboration with UDG Dallas. The new guest rooms are fundamentally designed to enhance casino capacity.

Architectural symbolic content created by Mark Krukiel is derived from historical Egyptian imagery. The villas are envisioned as a "pop cultural" adaptation of an Egyptian community that may have surrounded the pyramids of antiquity. Eight dominant obelisks are entwined within the random village fabric while simultaneously maintaining the formal geometric order established by the pyramid. The obelisks act as a visual bridge to symbolically connect the indiscriminate village profile with the inherently austere pyramidal form.

The renovation of the hotel's public areas provide increased casino capacity, additional food, beverage and retail attractions and improved entertainment facilities.

Mark Krukiel collaborates with other design professionals to create resort environments where the scenery of the entertainment industry and the kitsch paraphernalia of all continents and cultures are mixed together in a bizarre potpourri of attractions. This mass-market, family-friendly recipe for success utilizes graphics, costumes, sound and lighting to create a cartoon sensibility -- a liberating view of the limitless malleability of pictorial space. Mark Krukiel designs environments to replace the sensory deprivation of one's everyday existence with the cathartic sensations of theatre.

LUXOR and all related indicia are trademarks of Circus Circus Enterprises Inc.

Mark Krukiel Architect Luxor Hotel Expansion
Mark Krukiel Architect Luxor Hotel Expansion
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