Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21
Mark Krukiel Architect Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21
Mark Krukiel Architect Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21
Mark Krukiel Architect Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21


Los Angeles, California

Pacific Theatres Corporation


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Mark Krukiel Architect Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21

The Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21 Mega-Plex, Lakewood Center 16 and Northridge 10 have been constructed in the environs of Los Angeles, California. The three projects were designed and developed by Mark Krukiel. There is a willfully eccentric artistic element in the architectural design of the aforementioned Pacific Theatres. It is as much in the folds of the draperies or the shadows of the proscenium as on the screens that this artistic element resides -- yearning to be called forth in the beam of the spotlight or the flicker of the projector's reels. The Winnetka 21 Mega-Plex features a seventy-six foot tall steel and glass "unfolding icon" element that towers above the 130,000 square-foot project. The "petal", as it was fondly called by the capable staff at MCG Pasadena, is illuminated by numerous computer controlled "Cyberlights" and "Studio Colors". The excessive construction budget allowed the design team, under the direction of Mark Krukiel, to add a dynamic theatrical presence to the architectural storyline. The design blends elaborate terrazzo paving patterns, multi-storied gold-leafed sculptural elements and over 5,000 computer controlled lights into a magnificent baroque inspired fantasy.

The Lakewood Center 16, a renovation and expansion, utilizes four ornate crystal chandeliers approximately fourteen foot in diameter to create an aura of grandeur in the lobby. In addition, imported cut stone and stainless steel graphic elements are incorporated in the design to enhance the individual theatre entries. The one thousand seat main house is adorned with custom light fixtures and elaborate patterns of heavy drapery and stenciled multi-colored sound panels reminiscent of the historical grand movie palace.

The Northridge 10 features a dazzling illuminated tower enveloped in a cloak of free form royal blue stucco. The repetitive bays of illuminated pilasters and movie posters evoke the sumptuous splendor of the great movie showplaces of the past.

Mark Krukiel understands that theatre architecture is an architecture of escape where one's senses and imagination are seduced, thus allowing a cinematic presentation to assume the full dimension of life. His architecture, in concert with sound and lighting technologies and environmental graphics, is designed to enhance the theatrical presentation, evoking and intensity of feeling from all who enter -- the throbbing bass of pathos, the fluttering soprano flight of rapture.

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Mark Krukiel Architect Pacific Theatres Winnetka 21
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